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Myunited Postal Service

We get you myu crap, when you need it, where you need it.

External Services:
  • goodbye_money@livejournal.com
Want crap from Japan? This is probably where you're gonna find it for the cheapest price! I don't use this service to make money--I use it to help overseas fans get the goods they wouldn't normally have access to without using some expensive middle-man service like Nippon Export.

Everything I vend is "at price" meaning all you pay is the base price for the item it usually sells for and shipping.

Ready to make an order? Go for it! But make sure you read the sticky post at the top of the journal very carefully before scrolling down to this month's sales post. Have fun, and feel free to email me if there's any problem.

If you're feeling generous--drop a couple bucks my way and support my endeavors to bring you more and more Myu crap! I don't charge anything extra for my services here, so whether it's $1, $10 or more, any little bit you feel like donating would be appreciated!