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Okay guys, I think I can finally do this, so...strap in, and get ready. I'm OPENING SHOP!

What does this mean

Many of you know that I, fencer_x, am working in Japan right now, and will be probably for a while to come yet. Since I am here, I now have access to anything and everything I've ever wanted to see or buy that I previously couldn't because they won't ship outside of Japan.

I know how everyone living overseas feels, because that was me up until fairly recently. And now I want to give back just like the great people who came before me gave back. I will buy you stuff in Japan, and ship it to you, no harm no foul.

So, we can ask for anything

...No. XD I've given this some thought, and rather than making this like an order service, I'd rather act like a shop. You come in, and if you see something you like, I'll get it for you--but you can't come in and ask me for something I don't "sell." Understand?

Here's what I'll be "vending" right now:

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29 June 2016 @ 06:01 pm
FLYERS FOR SALE! [ETA: updated January 25, 2009]

Any time you go to a show--be it a myu or a solo event or a normal play--you'll be loaded down with flyers for related events coming up in the near future. Go to a good few shows, and you'll find yourself with a TON of these things left over! I don't want to throw them away, especially when I know there are others who want them, and since I don't need 10 flyers for myself, I'm selling the rest!

Now, know in advance these are free at the show. I technically didn't pay one red cent for them. But well, I DID fork out to go to the shows they're given out at, take time off work, force myself to stare hard at beautiful guys for HOURS at a time (it's so hard! :P) so I consider myself as having paid my dues :P Now you guys can own some of these flyers for shows your favorite actors and actresses have been in!

I've listed below the shows I have flyers for, in the following format: Show Title - Actors Featured [TeniMyu, BuriMyu, *pnish* focus] (# left). I will package them in an envelope (a big one--I won't fold any of these) and ship you your choice of 5 flyers for 1000yen, anywhere in the world.

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29 June 2016 @ 02:47 pm
So, to help out those of you who don't really see anything you want in the G_M store, I'm thinking of broadening my reach (and trying to recoup losses at the same time) by offering a range of new services focused mostly on my purchasing items NOT already available in my store. All of these services can be ordered via the usual order posts for each month.

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28 June 2016 @ 08:25 am
I've got a few things here that are collecting dust, so to speak, and I'd rather get rid of them to good homes than auction them off. Comment if you're interested in anything!

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This is where you can order goods for November/December 2010! ALL payments must be received by December 20th.

Also, as per usual, I will be out of Japan from December 19 through January 3, and so if you absolutely need an order in your hands before then, please let me know so I can work out whether or not it's possible (many items come in and out of stock often, and I have several back orders that haven't arrived yet for other previous orders).
This is where you can order goods for October 2010! ALL payments must be received by October 20th.

On a related note: For all people waiting on orders, there are no backorders left :) Animate has shipped out all the stuff, with only unreleased items left to be received (and one DL6th DVD, which I've mentioned to the orderer already). If you're waiting on an order, please look for it by the end of the month ^^

Please view the Nov/Dec order page to make an order.
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This is where you can order goods for August 2010! ALL payments must be received by August 20th. All previous orders are either on order (waiting) or have been shipped. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions about present, previous, or future orders, and I'll try to get back to you promptly.

NOTE: If you want to order the DREAM LIVE 7TH DVD (1st press) I must have your request and money by August 20th. I realize the DVD doesn't come out til the 9th of September, but that's the last I'll be worrying about getting an order in for 1st press. Please be sure to get your request in before then! :)

Now that the huge flux of Final Match 2 and Code003 DVDs has largely been dispersed, I'm opening up orders again :)

This is where you can order goods for June 2010! ALL payments must be received by June 20th. All previous orders are either on order (waiting) or have been shipped. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions about present, previous, or future orders, and I'll try to get back to you promptly.

Sorry for the hold-up, trying to match up old orders with their receivers :)

I've gone through and updated the goods list to reflect newly available items, as well as removed items that are no longer available. Please check carefully before placing an order now.

Animate has stopped stocking several BuriMyu DVDs, and they are no longer available at all (previously they were said to be "on order". Now they are listed as "sale stopped".). I apologize for this, as this means I can no longer help you support this great franchise :( DVDs no longer available are:

Dark of the Bleeding Moon
No Clouds in the Blue Heavens
Code Live 001, 002

Code Live 003, the final musical, is of course still available for pre-order.

With regard to TeniMyu, the vast majority of the DVDs are listed as "on order" (meaning you cannot purchase them immediately, but when they arrive, they will be shipped to you) and can take weeks or possibly months to come back into stock. However, if I order it now, you WILL receive it eventually; these are NOT sold out.

DVDs that are available right now are:

Dream Live 1st
Rikkai 2nd Service (the Kantou Tournament DVD, no Nationals)
Dream Live 5th (normal DVD)
Dream Live 5th (blue ray)
Imperial Presence Hyoutei, 4A (NOT the Tokyo Return show)
Supporter's DVDs 6, 9, and 11 (3rd cast, Higa, and Nationals!Hyoutei, respectively)

These DVDs are available immediately and will be shipped within a few days.

Also, the DVD set for the most recent musical (Final Match Rikkai 2) is listed as SOLD OUT, so I cannot make any more reservations for this. Yes, I know it doesn't make sense that a DVD which hasn't even been released yet is already sold out, but hopefully after it goes on sale, or as the release date approaches, it will go on sale again after further stocks are secured.

IT'S BACK! Hurry and make your orders while it's still in stock XD;;;

Seeing as Animate is starting to run out of stock faster and faster, with some DVDs even not being stocked anymore, I strongly recommend that you order while you can if you wish to have a collection of these DVDs.
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12 November 2009 @ 10:58 am
Yikes, sorry about the hold-up!

This is where you can order goods for November and December 2009! ALL payments must be received by December 20th.

**If you absolutely need your order by Christmas, please let me know! I leave Japan on the 19th of December to spend my holidays in America with my family, so I won't be able to send packages after then until I get back Jan 4 :)

Also, I THINK I should be about caught up on all of my orders, but if you're still waiting for something, drop me a note, as I have a few DVDs I'm trying to match up with owners ^_^